torsdag 20 mars 2008

People Who Vote Wilders Must Die

While Muslims throughout the world, and the ignorant, naive, multiculturalists who have been intimidated to, bamboozled into, or willingly support them continue to suppress free speech, Muslims continue to speak and commit violence regardless of any rule of law. Apparently if you are Muslim, there are no laws.

Se filmen här:

A Moroccan youth group from Delft in the Netherlands, calling themselves “Scheme 015 Delftse Samenzwering Shit,” [samenzwering means conspiracy] [shit means just means shit] has posted a video clip threatening to kill voters and sympathizers of Dutch politician Geert Wilders. The clip shows a group of Moroccans youths provoking two Dutch lads on a crowded public train.

The hooded Moroccans ask the lads, who are dressed in black, what the badges on their clothes mean. At first the lads do not react. When the Moroccans start pulling at the lads’ clothes the latter ask to be left alone. At this the Moroccans grab them from their seats and beat them up.

The clip ends with the warning: Fuck al die Wilders aanhangers want denk na: boontje komt voor ze loontje!!!! [Fuck all those who support Wilders because you had better realize: one will reap the consequences of one’s actions!!!!”]


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