lördag 14 juni 2008

Oslo - Nio av tio invandrarbarn har hål i tänderna

1,5 hål i snitt

Barn med innvandrerbakgrunn bidrar sterkt til Oslos smårollinger rager på kariestoppen. Fersk statistikk fra SSB viser at Oslos femåringer i snitt har 1,5 hull hver, mens snittet ellers i landet ligger på 0,9.
I Akershus har barna bare halvparten så mange hull som i Oslo.

- Det er særlig barn med innvandrerbakgrunn som trekker statistikken opp i Oslo, sier Ivar Espelid, professor i barnetannpleie på Universitetet i Oslo.

Tidligere undersøkelser, fra 2004, har vist at hele ni av ti femåringer med innvandrerbakgrunn har hull i tennene, mens bare halvparten av etnisk norske femåringer har det. Espelid tror ikke dette bildet har endret seg vesentlig siden tannhelsen blant 5-åringene har vært stabil siden da.

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Ögårdsskolans elever kastar sten och ägg

Nu börjar det synas att skolorna slutat. Fullt av ungdomsgäng väller runt på Malmös gator och ställer till problem. Ofta går de 6-9 personer i bredd tills de hittar någon att råna eller kan ställa till annat jäkelskap.

Men på Rosengård är de ännu fler och värre:

"Vid 17-tiden på fredagseftermiddagen brann det i buskage i närheten av Rosengårdsskolan. Brandmännen möttes av en klunga på 30-40 ungdomar och allting verkade lugnt, berättar Henrik Persson.

Precis när de skulle stanna bilen krossades en backspegel av en större sten.

Läs hela artikeln på bloggen: Muslimska Friskolan

Blir England Europas första land i EU med status som ett land av tredje världen?

England planerar att klämma in ytterligare 10 miljoner fler invandrare och barn de kommande 25 åren förudspådde officiella siffror igår.
Befolkningen förväntas vara 60miljoner år 2030 - så många som det bor i hela Storbritannien nu.
Ökningen motsvarar en stad av storleken London, eller befolkningen i Skottland, Wales och Nordirland tillsammans.

De flesta av de nya invånarna kommer att vara invandrare, som redan nu lägger till 191 000 personer om året till befolkningen, enligt den nuvarande regeringens siffror. Deras barn kommer också sannolikt att utgöra en stor del av uppsvinget, eftersom bland födelsetalet bland nyanlända grupper är högre än den befintliga befolkningen.

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Så här tyckte läsarna:

During the 25 years when 10,000,000 come in, roughly 6,250,000 Brits will move abroad. Who is going to be left to pay the taxes for all the benefits required. Somewhere, someone is going to have to the guts to stop this!

- Mike, Thailand, 13/6/2008 3:57

One wonders if this will be the case, given the rising cost of living in this country. Anyone with any sense would remain as far away from Britain as possible.

- Duncan., Guildford, Surrey, 13/6/2008 4:22

For heaven's sake - WHY?

- Steve, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, 13/6/2008 5:30

Never mind how many doctors and houses would be needed, the real issue is how many jails will be needed to cope with all the increased crime?

- Victoria, Sydney, Australia, 13/6/2008 5:38

If the state only paid out benefits to people who have been employed and paid taxes for several years before getting extras like child benefit/housing benefit plus dishing out British passports, and a spell in the military to qualify for a passport then you could solve the massive immigration problem overnight. People only go to the UK! Because it's such an easy touch that they wouldn't get ANYWHERE else in the planet plus these people have no desire to integrate whatsoever and even more important is the lack of any allegiance to Britain.

- Russelle, Toronto Canada, 13/6/2008 5:43

Thank God I left and boy do I not have any intention to return. It will be interesting to watch these newcomers to see if they can keep up the tax receipts that are needed to fund the nanny state of nu Labour. England has died and any one with half a brain is leaving for a better and more healthy life elsewhere. My business needs plumbers, bricklayers electricians carpentee for well paid work where you can have a good life outside work in your own home and have the prospect of living debt free.

- Dave Kenny, Edmonton Alberta Canada, 13/6/2008 5:44

Room will be made quite easily with decent hard working Britons emigrating out of this overcrowded hell hole to places like Australia.

It's a vicious cycle, we get people coming in who will for the most part just sit on welfare and exploit the system, while the ones who paid for those benefits through taxes (too many taxes i might add) are leaving in droves.

This can only go on so long until Britain finally becomes a third world cesspit and all the people rushing here now for a cushy life, will themselves start rushing to places like Australia, starting the cycle all over again.

How can such a great nation have fallen so far in only 50 years, our ancestors must be spinning in their graves at the destruction of the Great Britain which they left to us.

- John, Sydney, 13/6/2008 5:47

Would someone please explain why we have got to do this? To me it is plain stupid as our infra-structure can not cope at the present level.

- Malcolm May, Windsor, UK, 13/6/2008 7:12

Hang on just one minute. Hasn't McBroon learned anything? Where will all these new homes be built? The government has already said that such as police and teachers will NOT be receiving extra funding to accommodate the immigrant boom were seeing right now. How does he expect us all to live in harmony, it won't happen. The UK will become a blood bath, then it will be too late. Strange how lessons are never learned.

- A. M., Dorset, 13/6/2008 7:22

This country has gone stark raving mad!

- Julie, Bicester, 13/6/2008 7:37

This is nothing more and nothing less than governmental insanity.

- Edward Shire, Manchester,UK, 13/6/2008 7:40

The only reason they have babies is for the benefits and free accommodation. Child benefit should only be for the first two babies and no free accommodation.

- Sue, Southampton, 13/6/2008 7:43

There is no way that the country will be able to do what has been printed in this paper. There will be tremendous problems in the near future, This country will have very few true British people left, as the majority will have left to go to either Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Britain as I have known it is disappearing very fast. The fun I had as a child and as a teenager, have gone never to return. Even my life during 60s to 80s has gone forever. Good bye England.

- Victor Arram, Westcliff, 13/6/2008 8:01

Only yesterday I read that no extra funding will be given to the police or the NHS to help them cope with the pressures of immigration. The overall 'plan' (or lack of one) is now clear - pack them in and pile them high and to hell with the consequences. This can only mean one thing - chaos!

- Carmen, Essex, 13/6/2008 8:02

I really fear for the English way of life.

- JamesB, Wishaw, Scotland, 13/6/2008 8:19

When will this madness cease? How many matches can you get in a box? Britain is a small island. Shouldn't we be allowed a referendum on this most important issue? For God's sake our country is being given away. This must warrant public intervention in some form.

- Peter, Rhodes, Greece, 13/6/2008 8:22

Hopefully before this tragedy happens we will have a patriotic government with backbone, who will put an end to this destruction of our country.

- Margaret Anderson, B'ham, England, 13/6/2008 8:22

Will no one do anything about this stupidity?

- JC, Cambs, 13/6/2008 8:25

Thank god that I am emigrating. The SE is overpopulated already.

- Sarah, Radlett, 13/6/2008 8:31

I have visions of shanty towns springing up and every train covered with passengers clinging on for dear life.

- Mike, Dunstable England, 13/6/2008 8:40

Why us?

No other European country would allow such an influx.

- Pip Waller, Scarborough North Yorkshire, 13/6/2008 8:42

I have read the article with care but cannot find the reason why we need to import 10 million people into Great Britain? Is this a deliberate policy to change this nation by Nu labour? What is the Conservative take on this? Can immigration from the third world really fill a perceived skills gap? What are we going to do about this if we do not agree?

- John, Wolverhampton, 13/6/2008 8:45

"England bedriver en ohämmad flyktinginvandring, Reinfeldt räknas att följa efter.
Så nu vet ni vad vi har att vänta oss här i vårt land."

Det totalitära Sverige

By Fjordman - 3/13/2008

According to the news website The Local, members of the only significant (but still small) party in Sweden critical of mass immigration live under constant threat of violence. Sweden is witnessing the greatest explosion of street violence in its history, and a woman is raped every two hours.

The national newspaper Aftonbladet links the massive increase in rapes to the warm weather. The state-sponsored organization Expo, which lists a dozen employees at its website and receives backing from the media and the major parties, has been campaigning against the Sweden Democrats for years. Expo’s Daniel Poohl states that it’s “not undemocratic” to deny the SD access to political influence.

The writer Bruce Bawer says that “Sweden Democrats have been the targets of events that recall China’s Cultural Revolution. Staged ‘people’s protests’ by members of the ‘youth divisions’ of other parties have led to the firing of Sweden Democrats from their jobs.

A few weeks ago, a junior diplomat was dismissed when it became known that he was a member of the party and had criticized his country’s immigration policy. On several occasions, thugs loyal to the ruling parties have broken up Sweden Democratic meetings and beaten up party leaders.”
Läs mer: globalpolitician.com

England - Rapport visar att hederrelaterat våld kostade 25.3 miljoner pund mellan 2005-06

Domestic violence cost the British government 25.3 billion pounds in 2005-06, a parliamentary report has said, even as an influential Muslim group admitted the linked issue of forced marriages among Asians had reached a crisis point.

The British parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee, headed by ethnic Indian MP Keith Vaz, said in a report published Thursday that the real cost of domestic violence - in expenses incurred on public services, losses to the economy and costs to the victims - were likely to be higher than the 25.3 billion pounds incurred in 2005-06.

This was because not all crimes are reported to police.

Some of the domestic violence is directly linked to the practice of 'honour (izzat) violence' that is said to be widespread among some Asian communities in Britain, including Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims and Indian-origin Sikhs.

The report also highlighted another related practice, where young Asian women and men are forced into marrying a stranger from the country of their origin.

Such forced marriages are often unhappy and lead to domestic violence, which in turn go unreported because of deeply-held concepts of 'family honour'.


Muslimska barn i Storbritannien "uppfostras att hata sitt hemland"

The teachings of Omar Bakri Mohammed are popular on radical sites

Radical brittiska muslimer har bildat chattrum för att diskutera adoption av föräldralösa barn och att uppfostra dem att bli islamska krigare, visar en studie.

Discussions on a number of radical websites have asked how children should be brought up to be "mujahideen" and whether they should be pulled out of mainstream schools.

Other participants boast of how their children threaten to kill "kuffar" [non-believers] and complain that the Shakespeare being taught in schools is "full of homosexuality, fornication and adultery."

The Centre for Social Cohesion says radical Muslims are using the internet to create a "virtual Islamic caliphate" and calls on the government to launch a crack down.

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Översätta text? se länklista

KISTRAD Nya inlägg under.Hela solsystemet är under global uppvärmning

The Whole Solar System is Undergoing Global Warming.

This is a fact that not many people know about, and quite a few people, would like that there was no evidence to back this fact, because some people would like the world to believe that human activity is the cause for global warming on Earth. I am not advocating that releasing harmful gases, and chemicals in the oceans and atmosphere are good, but after a few years of research, I have come to understand that global warming is happening in the Solar System, not just on Earth.

Some people just want to listen to what some environmentalists are claiming, that global warming is happening because of human activity, and we are the cause for the extreme changes in climate we have been seeing lately getting worse and worse.

Läs mer: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread221608/pg1

Intressanta artiklar:

Stora pengar styr propagandan om global uppvärmning

Väderkontroll som krigsföring

Klimathotet eller -bluffen?

Bizarre Global Weather Patterns in 2007

Läs filmen som sticker hål på Al Gores bubbla!

Se filmen här på blogggen direkt: The Great Global Warming Swindle part 1








Media lyckas skrämma oss med uppblåsta artiklar om hur illa allt är, och vad vi måste göra för att förhindra eller minska utsläppen.

Miljö handlar om SAMVETE, och det köper vi lätt.

Allt detta är inget annat än att tjäna grova pengar på oss som inte fattar bättre och som går på allt som står i media utan att själva vara kritiska och ifrågasätta.

Men vad Kan vi vanliga dödliga egentligen göra åt klimatförändringarna som pågår just nu?
Mitt svar är egentligen inget mer än det vi redan gör som att sopsortera avnända energisnåla saker av alla de slag, köra lite mindre bil kanske.

Bluffen om den globala uppvärmningen.
Åka tåg = en fis i rymden
Läs mer svd.se

Inga brandmän i Rosengård utan polis

Räddningstjänsten i Malmö vägrar att ge sig in i stadsdelen Rosengård med mindre än att de får poliseskort, framöver, rapporterar SVT Sydnytt. Beslutet fattades sedan brandmän utsattes för stenkastning och mordhot under ett släckningsuppdrag i Rosengård i torsdags.

Från och med i dag måste personal från räddningstjänsten vänta in poliseskorten innan de kan, till exempel, bekämpa en brand i området.
Senast vid 17 i dag utsattes en brand- bil för stenkastning i Rosengård.

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"Bra jobbat Rosengård"