söndag 28 oktober 2007

Var 24:minut sker ett brott med kniv i England

A knife crime every 24 minutes

The terrifying scale of knife crime in Britain is laid bare today in unpublished figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

An exclusive study of statistics from 37 police forces reveals that, in just three months of this year, almost 5,500 serious crimes involving knives were committed - or one every 24 minutes, around the clock.

The figure includes 55 knife-related murders, more than 2,000 stabbings and almost 2,500 muggings at knifepoint.

The statistics were gathered under new rules which, since last April, oblige police forces to keep separate records of knife crime and were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Under Sharia law men have the right to have sex with infants

"Muslimerna gnäller om pedofiler här i Sverige och i väst,
men kan dom inte sin sharia lag?
Det blir säkert fler pedofiler som konverterar till islam

Allah allows men to use slave girls as young as 6 for sex

"En ex-muslim visar i en helig skrift att barnsex är tillåtet inom islam."