måndag 9 juni 2008

Tyke-viking alias högerkänga nersläckt igen

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Det går inte att komma in på bloggen, än så länge har jag igen hänvisningslänk.
Men var lugn den kommer nog snart.

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The British State’s leash around my neck

An update on my situation with regards to my arrest on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through written material on my blog.

I was arrested, and placed in a police cell for hours, then questioned over the police investigation into me and my blog several months back.

I was bailed without charge to attend the police station yesterday to answer bail to see whether or not I am going to be charged with the offence and put before a British Court, or whether they did not really have enough on me for this case against me to be in the public interest to be brought before a British Court and then released without charge.

Due to the charge, the case load has to go to the CPS and then to the Department of Public Prosecutions for them to decide whether or not to place me on trial.

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Jihads gyllene svärd

Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zwahiri, Al Qaeda’ s military strategists are sitting on a gold mine in Afghanistan from which they draw billions in profits to conduct their apocalyptic Islamist ambitions against America - “the Great Satan”, Israel – “the little Satan” and the Western world.

It is the production of heroin by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Heroin is the new Sword of Islam and it’s cutting a big swath of destruction here in Britain, or as the columnist Melanie Phillips finely puts it: Londonistan.

I know, because I have witnessed it first hand [both in prison] and on the ground in my community of Luton just outside of London.

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