torsdag 6 mars 2008

You are the foreigners here!!!

Never a dull moment in our glorious multicultural society! Today the Dutch conservative blog published a furious email from the Rotterdam Labor Party councillor Bouchra Ismaili. I quote:

"Listen well, you crazy freak. We are here to stay! Hahahaha. Drop dead! I am a Dutch Muslim and I will stay that way until I die."

Ismaili contends: "You are the foreigners here!!! With Allah on my side I fear no one. Me and my fellow Muslims are alive! Your species is being consumed by hatred. Let me give you some advice: Convert to Islam and find peace at heart!"

Läs mer på den utmärkta holländska bloggen:

"Läget är verkligen allvarligt i Holland, men även i resten av europa."

I en kommentar till inlägget från bloggen skrev en person detta:

Islam will never be a peaceful neighbor. It is a religion of conquest. Separation is the only possible way to have peace with muslims. There are four ways to achieve separation.
The first is to kill them. The second is to forcibly send them back to their places of origin and don’t allow them to return.

The third option is to leave your home and try to find a new place to live where muslims are absent. The fourth option of course is suicide. This is an easy option, because muslims are eager to do all the real work for you.

You can just do nothing ... and allow muslims to continue to destroy your culture, take your wealth, take your land, kill you, and turn the Netherlands into another islamic land. People in many countries face similar options.

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