tisdag 11 december 2007

Sweden industrialized nation to bananarepublic in 20 years.

" Sweden is transformation becoming a radical introvert kleptocracy. The population
has no sayso in the struggle for the last tax crona. An overtaxed, overworked population is paying the highest taxes in the world. Hundreds of thousands of radical muslims, insane, sick and others from the other side of the globe are seeking asylum in Sweden.

The government has no policy or opinion on how their immigration policy should be
shaped. They are clueless and don't know what to do or how to confront the masses
of asylum seekers. Debate and dialogue are forbidden in Sweden. The media relies
on funds from the government and have banned every mention of immigration and the
resulting problems. The government controlled media are used to quash all protest. New media such as bloggers or online video channels can show what is forbidden in Sweden. This video could never be shown there. The producer of this video would be called rasist, he would be fired from his job, media would put up large pictures and name on the front page, he would never be able to work again if he/she was Swedish.

Militant street thugs that receive support from the government or unions are used to
threat, beat and attack parties and politicians that disagree with the government. Sweden is a semi-democracy, democracy is limited and so are the socialist dictatorships that Sweden has supported during the last 30 years or so."


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